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In the age of rainbow profile pics and Notes app apologies, it’s hard not to feel sobered by the banality of corporate activism and gay reparations. Alpha Omega Tampon, on the other hand, still manages to find the humor in all the decorum. Founded by some of UCLA’s own students back in 2021, Alpha Omega […]

“Who tonight is feeling sexy” It’s really hard to feel sexy when you’re freezing in 50-degree weather. I spent the first half of my Wednesday night shivering in a jean skirt on a two-hour bus ride to Echo Park. When I decided to go see the iconic bedroom pop duo, Coco & Clair Clair, I […]

Rina Sawayama @ The Hollywood Palladium [11/23/22]  “Rina is an iconoclast that is reshaping the concept of a ‘popstar’ in her own image.” It is the day before Thanksgiving, and everyone and their mother has gathered to give thanks to Japanese-British Royalty, the venerated Rina Sawayama. DJ Alex Chapman warms up the audience with a […]

Photos by Jackie Pierce Even blocks away, it was near impossible to miss the neon glow pouring from the blue and red letters of “The Wiltern.” Towering over all the surrounding streets, the iconic Old Hollywood style theater held a presence that almost demanded to be known – a presence further amplified by the never-ending […]

[Lucy Dacus @ the Wilten 11/18/22] Photos by Emily Chang Tonight in LA, tomorrow in San Diego, then it’s over. Lucy Dacus’ Home Video Tour has been around the world in a dogged march since the summer of 2021. The Commonwealth hailing musician delves into the cleavages of strict faith, a nostalgia for home, and […]

Steve Lacy @ The Greek Theatre [11/11/2022] Photos by Audrey Berry “Damn, my nipples are hard right now!” These words were spoken by one of the world’s hottest artists right now as he stood in front of the sold-out Greek Theater on Saturday night. On this brisk evening, it is Steve Lacy’s final show of […]

You’re 16 and you’re gazing out at the sky. Your retinas are met with the glimmering lights of a magnificent Southeast Asian metropolis, contrasted by the subdued darkness of the night. As the average high schooler within this big city, you exist within a bubble of linear algebra, sneaking into 18+ horror movies & going […]

Herbie Hancock Institute of Jazz @ The Music Library [11/4/22]

Turnstile & Snail Mail @ Shrine Expo Hall [11/4/22] As a five-foot nothing girl I was terrified. But as a punk fan, I was ecstatic. Approaching the Shrine, I saw groups of Turnstile fans of all ages wearing all black thick eyeliner. After spotting more than 15 concert-goers with septum rings, my friend turns to […]

Kenny Beats @ The Shrine [11/5/22] Photos by Angela Kan Don’t Over Think Shit! People often say these words when they’re offering advice, which for many, is easier said than done. However, Kenny Beats and his friends echoed these words throughout the night in a different context—almost as a command or a prerequisite for enjoying […]