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Syd @ The Novo [6/22/2022]

GME @ Ackerman Grand Ballroom [5/26/22]

When I was getting ready to move into my college dorm and leave my lifelong home, all I could think about was the past. All I could think about were the friends I’d probably never see again, my younger sisters that I wouldn’t see grow up, the past that would always remain history. These were […]

Raveena @ El Rey [5/28/22] Photos by Ethan Guffey As we pulled up to the El Rey Theatre, the line full of twenty-somethings dressed in bright colors and complex patterns on Wilshire Boulevard immediately caught our attention. “This is exactly what I expected Raveena fans to look like,” my photographer Ethan commented.  Lots of matching […]

Dijon @ The Wiltern [6/4/22]

Rex Orange County @ Hollywood Bowl [6/4/2022]

Hovvdy @ The Lodge Room [6/3/2022]

Quinn Christopherson, THAO, and Black Belt Eagle Scout @ The Teragram [05/06/21]

Liz Phair @ Walt Disney Concert Hall [5/10/2022]