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CALPIRG UCLA End Oil Drilling Student Stories Episode 3

Julissa Alvarado

Josetina’s Story
Josetina is a 4th-year student studying Political Science and Chicano/Chicana studies at UCLA. She lives near a facility owned by World Oil– a company that recycles, produces, and transports petroleum products. She mentioned how she can visibly see smoke coming out of their vents every day and they operate 24 hours a day. This air is polluting her community and has caused a range of health effects. At a minor level, it has led to unpleasant odor and headaches which she has experienced herself. But on a more serious level, there are also severe suspected impacts on the respiratory health of children in her community. This story is an example of the risks that these sites place on their surrounding communities. They are degrading the environmental health of the area and have negative health impacts on innocent residents. Josetina agrees that the best way to protect the environment and health of so many communities that are going through similar experiences is to put an end to oil drilling in California. That is why Josetina is an active member of CALPIRG’s End Oil Drilling campaign and will continue to advocate for this issue. Listen to her story to learn more about what it’s like to live near an oil site.