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High Notes

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Thursday 7:00 pm 8:00 pm

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A stress free music based talk show with a hint of cannabis on the side. Episodes will focus on issues that lie within the crossroads of the music and cannabis industry, using social commentary and music analysis to organically bring about intriguing conversations and story telling. Topics include music history, tik tok as a platform for self-promotion and/or education, shared medicinal and spiritual elements of both plant and sound, cannabis culture in the past vs the present, injustices caused by US cannabis policies, and just about anything I can think of whilst zooted :)

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High Notes crew

With a major in English and a minor in the study of religion, Charlotte Isidore blends her multifaceted studies into her work as an on-air DJ and a Music Department Manager. As a radio show host, known as DJ Darlotte, Charlotte focuses on the intersection between music, the cannabis industry/culture, politics, spirituality, and hip hop […]