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High Notes

DJ Lotte

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Thursday 8:00 pm 9:30 pm


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High Notes is a stress free music talk show that investigates the intersection of music and cannabis, focusing on both their cultures and industries. With social commentary and music analysis at the heart of the show, this program highlights the latest cannabis news, music history, and current events, as well as uplifts the voices of new artists. DJ Lotte entertains her audience through an exploration of music, cannabis and storytelling, ultimately creating a stimulating, yet laid back weekly show.

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With a major in English and a minor in the study of religion, Charlotte Isidore blends her multifaceted studies into her work as an on-air DJ and a Music Department Manager. As a radio show host, known as DJ Darlotte, Charlotte focuses on the intersection between music, the cannabis industry/culture, politics, spirituality, and hip hop […]