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A&D co-manager and master of swag. Feel free to hit me up in my DMs or email me ([email protected]) with any and all questions about merchandise, the Art and Design department, or cooking the perfect eggs :^)

bay area blood. lover of lucky charms. kermit meme konnoisseur.

Lover of breakfast foods and javascript

FUN-EVENTS Manager :*)

I love roller coasters and I love a good slice of sourdough bread

I am a sociology major with a minor in film and digital media studies! I am marketing manager! I love all things music, pop culture, and art!

With a major in English and a minor in the study of religion, Charlotte Isidore blends her multifaceted studies into her work as an on-air DJ and a Music Department Manager. As a radio show host, known as DJ Darlotte, Charlotte focuses on the intersection between music, the cannabis industry/culture, politics, spirituality, and hip hop […]

tony hawk interviewer

hi! i’m eleanor, i’m studying environmental science with minors in environmental engineering and public affairs. i like to sing, bake, craft, and do puzzles šŸ™‚ i unfortunately don’t have a show right now but hit me up with anything related to our on-air content.

LA native with passions for travel, art, and all things music. Joined UCLA Radio first thing in Freshman Year and has been an active member for two years.

Hey I’m Kylee! I’m left-handed, have two dislocated knees, love to rollerskate, suck at baking and am obsessed with female punk. I love reading and talking about politics, and sometimes am a little too keen on debating people. Also my pronouns are they/she!