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I like to watch and try all kinds of comedy, but I’m mostly just happy to even be here.

My name’s Enjy! I’m in the promo and IDTF depts. (: also happen to run @uclaradiofits so check that out. All you really gotta know about me is that I’m a part-time mommy and full time rat <3

As a 3rd year psychology major, Lindsay, aka DJ Lindini, explores the intersection of music and self discovery through personality assessment on her radio show, Ear on the Enneagram. She uses the personality theory of the Enneagram to help her guests and listeners explore their underlying fears, desires, and social roles based on their type, […]

Trying my best to be chaotic good

Tune in to Half Baked Bread!

Hello! I am a Public Affairs major, Professional Writing minor and the former Digital Press Manager. Click here to listen to my old show, Keeps Me Up At Night, and here for all of my UCLA Radio articles :). I am a big fan of sewing, Mitski, This American Life, and well-structured public transportation systems.

Concert-review-writer and overall poetess, composer of sea-shanties.

Tessa Fier is a third year from Seattle majoring in French and Geography. She likes the color green, is allergic to grass, and thinks reptiles are sick.

I’m a second year Global Studies Major from the DC area! I am a member of IDTF💗

resident sexpert, loudmouth, and coffee lover. Likes nonfiction. Hates diet-culture. Member of prog and proud Sociology major with minors in Labor Studies + Community Engagement & Social Change     

Hi! My name is Lilly Catarozoli and I am a second year at UCLA! I love and follow basketball and golf (go Warriors!)

write poetry for the blog sometimes and talk about mac miller on air sometimes. music lover all the time.