meet our team

UCLA Radio has twelve departments: Art & Design, Comedy, Development, Digital Press, Events, Fundraising, Marketing, Music, News, Productions, On-Air Content (Programming), and Sports. Interns are accepted into a designated department but will still be allowed to participate in other departments simultaneously. These are our hardworking managers that run each of these departments and UCLA Radio as a whole!

Graciela McDonogh-Wong

πŸ’« she/her
πŸ“š Statistics & DS major, Public Health + Asian Lang/Cult minors

passions include public transportation & getting good deals. I also moonlight as dj youngest child.

Hannah Masresha

πŸ’« she/her
πŸ“š Cognitive Science major

I find joy in exploring the world, walking my dogs, & sitting under A/C!

L Yang

πŸ’« she/her
πŸ“š Economics major + Digital Humanities minor

channeling my inner 75 yr old with chronic back pain and a love for jazz and baking. i'm also on a mission to get everyone into climbing.

Scott Park

πŸ’« he/him
πŸ“š Computer Science major

My most simple pleasures of life include cooking, doodling, playing minecraft, & working out.

Lucas Chen

πŸ’« he/him
πŸ“š Public Affairs major

Lucas Chen is the current fundraising manager and former programming manager of UCLA Radio.

Angel The

πŸ’« she/her
πŸ“š Anthropology major

Hi! My name is Angel. I'm from the bay, I love my dog, and I love UCLA Radio!

Anjay Singh

πŸ’« he/they
πŸ“šBusiness Econ Major, Music Industry + Global Studies minors

Hardcore YouTube Music stan, travel addict, and a rather mid indie artist.

Ria Bose

πŸ’« she/her
πŸ“š Economics + Psychology majors

aka dj daffodil, i'm a matcha enthusiast and lover of fluffy dogs, beach club house music and bollywood movies.

Joelle Tran

πŸ’« she/her
πŸ“š Communications Major, Film + Music Industry minors

San Diego born and raised. I take pics of cute ass animals/friends, make music, and love ZA BEACHHH

Philip Venkov

πŸ’« they/them
πŸ“š Design | Media Arts major

Professional texture, font, and zine lover, for better or worse. AKA DJ Amanita of National Discographic.

Luna Seng-Lay

πŸ’« they/she
πŸ“š Sociology major

Hi everyone! My name is Luna (they/she). Concerts are my happy place! <3 My ADHD brain also LOVES fidget toys.

Amber Xu

πŸ’« she/her
πŸ“š Communications + Dance majors

Lover of strange dances, techno music, and laying in the sun.

Jes Wang

πŸ’« she/her
πŸ“š Cognitive Science + Music Industry majors

lover of oat milk lattes, french house, golden retrievers, and all things music <3

Sophie Weinstein

πŸ’« she/her
πŸ“š Music Industry major + Film, TV, and Digital Media minor

aka dj rosie poser. lover of brunch, reading, big dogs, thrifting, and the philadelphia eagles

Ava London

πŸ’« she/her
πŸ“š Communications major + Professional Writing minor

ava here! hobbies include stealing my mom’s music, trying/failing to heal piercings, and overpaying for rings

Kayla Hayashi

πŸ’« she/her
πŸ“š Cognitive Science major w/ specialization in Computing

Avid concertgoer and houseplant aficionado. I also enjoy crafts and sewing!

Solomon Colaiaco

πŸ’« he/him
πŸ“š Geography major

Go Celtics! Love to read, write, talk and listen. Maguire lookalike.

Maguire Riley

πŸ’« he/him
πŸ“š Political Science major

librarian, climber, dj deaf boy, solomon lookalike

ZoΓ« Busenberg

πŸ’« she/her
πŸ“š Political Science + History majors, Global Studies minor

ZoΓ« is a third-year undergraduate from Los Angeles. She enjoys reading, writing, and wellness!

Angel More

πŸ’« she/her
πŸ“š Environmental Science + Music Industry majors

Inventor of every joke ever. I Love: exceptional cafes, writing things people will never read, & world peace.

Chloe Ling

πŸ’« she/her
πŸ“š Musicology major + Music Industry minor

passionate hater of many things! lover of black sesame, hojicha, high school musical. dj moog jam sometimes

Hope Phahla

πŸ’« she/her
πŸ“š Communications major + Film minor

hope here! lover of garlic bread, mac miller, sharing music i <3, & always carrying the bit