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Hi, I'm a 3rd-year chemical engineering major. I love nighttime strolls and a good scoop of pistachio gelato!

Hi! I am a Civil & Environmental Engineering student in the digi press department. I love long bike rides and spending time with friends!

Hey I’m Kylee! I’m left-handed, have two dislocated knees, love to rollerskate, suck at baking and am obsessed with female punk. I love reading and talking about politics, and sometimes am a little too keen on debating people. Also my pronouns are they/she!

Hello! I’m Hannah! I write 🙂   

Writer, editor, and fake Björk stan

I’m Andrew Checchia, a digi press editor and writer. I’m an aspiring writer, a second year English major and film minor, and I’m from Houston, Texas and St. Louis, Missouri.

Hi! I’m a 4th-year Communication major in the Music and Digital Press departments.

Howdy, I’m an impulsive creative. I like to live, laugh, love.

Tune in to Half Baked Bread!

Hello! I am a public affairs transfer student in the news, prog, and digi press departments. I am a big fan of sewing, Mitski, This American Life, and well-structured public transportation systems.