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Hi, I'm a 3rd-year chemical engineering major. I love nighttime strolls and a good scoop of pistachio gelato!

Hi! I am a Civil & Environmental Engineering student in the digi press department. I love long bike rides and spending time with friends!

Hey I’m Kylee! I’m left-handed, have two dislocated knees, love to rollerskate, suck at baking and am obsessed with female punk. I love reading and talking about politics, and sometimes am a little too keen on debating people. Also my pronouns are they/she!

Hello! I’m Hannah! I write 🙂   

Writer, editor, and fake Björk stan

I’m Andrew Checchia, a digi press editor and writer. I’m an aspiring writer, a second year English major and film minor, and I’m from Houston, Texas and St. Louis, Missouri.

Hi! I’m a 4th-year Communication major in the Music and Digital Press departments.

Howdy, I’m an impulsive creative. I like to live, laugh, love.

Tune in to Half Baked Bread!

Hello! I am a Public Affairs major, Professional Writing minor and the former Digital Press Manager. Click here to listen to my old show, Keeps Me Up At Night, and here for all of my UCLA Radio articles :). I am a big fan of sewing, Mitski, This American Life, and well-structured public transportation systems.