The Un/Ending Potential of UCLA Dance

Since the beginning of winter quarter, twelve graduating dance majors have been choreographing original pieces for UCLA’s Department of World Arts and Cultures/Dance showcase. Titled “un/ending,” these performances represent not only the culmination of the class of 2023’s undergraduate education but also a celebration of their immense talent and individuality.

A Study of The Study

By Aydin Karatas, Shehreen Karim, and Ken Matsunaga For residents living on the Hill, The Study at Hedrick has proven to be a staple of residential dining. Its twenty-four hour study areas, including a glass reading room and blue-light room, invite students to grab their books, laptops, and notepads for a peaceful and productive study…

Ring My Heart

From spontaneous drives in the dead of night with people I had just met to unexpected benders filled with expectedly reckless behavior, I was eager to take every opportunity I had missed having spent the past year as a freshman online. Along the way, I met someone who I instantly clicked with.

Music and its Makers – An Closer Look at Artists, Profits, and the Music Industry

by Alik Shehadeh, Niklas Leet, and Matthew Barcellos Money and Music – An Introspective Lens on the Music Industry “So, what type of music do you like?”  This universal get to know you question has emerged repeatedly in my time thus far at UCLA. An indication of someone’s cultural engagement, personal preferences, and social awareness,…