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UCLA Radio 2021 DJ Yearbook

Written by on May 25, 2021

Anyone miss their middle school yearbook? Me neither, but we decided to make one anyway. As the school year draws to a close, let’s remember our spring programming with a UCLA Radio DJ Yearbook! Listen as we speak with a handful of DJs to get a closer look at some of our favorite shows this quarter. Beyond its Y2K-style nostalgia and glamour, our yearbook serves as a testament to the plurality of interests that UCLA Radio promotes. Our DJs are our mouthpieces, amplifying the voices of UCLA’s diverse student body and broader community. Tune into these shows on at their respective times; you may end up finding solace and enrichment as we wrap up our spring programming. Also, make sure to check out our shows next quarter to see if your favorites are still on and discover some new ones!

H.A.G.S.  :))) 

SENIOR QUOTE: rip john john, always kept that toaster on his waistline ❤️

SHOW(S): Unreliable Narrator + Long Distance (w/ DJ Hannah)

MAJOR: Sociology

YEAR: Junior

SOCIALS: @longdistance_edu @eleonorpalabrica

Eleonor, also known as DJ Gas Break Dip, has stories to share. Whether tuning to Unreliable Narrator, her solo show, or Long Distance, which she hosts with DJ Hannah, she delivers relatable and entertaining material that leaves listeners with a laugh, something to reflect upon, or both. Eleonor creates immersive worlds with her retellings of life events, inviting us to come along as she explores childhood memories, past crushes, and even her own funeral plans. With Hannah, the two foster a lively environment full of banter, hot takes, and thoughtful discussion. Listen to Unreliable Narrator on Fridays at 7pm and Long Distance on Thursdays at 9pm, live at

Jen: You’re listening to a UCLA Radio exclusive interview with DJ Gas Brake Dip. So do you want to start off with the more fun questions or the more serious question? 

Eleonor: Let’s go serious to fun- let’s leave on a good note. 

Jen: Awesome. Okay. So the more serious one is, why did you start your show Unreliable Narrator and who is it made for? 

Eleonor: So I started my show because my biggest fear in life is being forgotten. And I want it to be like immortal in the sense of like, I don’t physically need to be here. But I want the name of Eleonor or aka DJ Gas Brake Dip to live on forever. And I was like, what is one way I can be creative and like, have my work be out there like the interwebs forever is through a radio show. And plus, like, I love telling people stories, or just like, telling people about little mundane things in a way that makes them seem like they’re so extravagant and crazy. So, I want to make this show to make encourage people to also like start sharing themselves with other people, as well as like, have people like, take my stories, laugh at them have a good time, because I know, especially during this time, like with COVID you have minimal interaction with human beings. And during my show, it kind of sounds like I’m talking directly to the listener. So I kind of want to be like that person, like that friend to the listener to the whoever is like listening to me. That’s basically why.

Jen: That’s an awesome answer, I guess kind of like a divergent question from that is like, you seem to have like a lot of energy and you’re just like a very outgoing and like fun person, like where do you get that from? Like, where do you get that motivation to like, be that bitch.

Eleonor: Oh my god, okay. This might sound like so like, “Oh my god, really?” I’m very introverted in the sense of like, I don’t like talking to people, period. I think it’s because of Zoom. I feel like a sense of confidence just because like, I can click out whenever I want to, I can leave a meeting whenever I want to, I can mute myself, I can go off-camera, whatever. In real life, I can’t really escape. Like, if I’m in the station that I’m in the station, everyone gets to see me hear me or whatever. But I get this because I think like, I always loved talking to people, I was always outgoing. And I think as I grew older, like, I got more shy just because I don’t want to be judged. And I think I’m at this point in my life, I’m 22. I’m not even that old, but I like to pretend that I’m old as shit, just because the people I hang out with are like fucking 18 and like 20 and I feel old as hell. So like, I’m like, over it. I’m over being shy, and I’m over like watering down myself for other people in their comfort. So that’s why I’m like super like outgoing and in people’s face, because I’m like, this is my life. And I’m like, I’m gonna die whenever I die. And I don’t want to regret anything. So that’s why I’m like, super outgoing, like super in people’s faces. But like, if you catch me in real life, and I’m super like “… hiiii ahaha” that’s not anything new. That’s just like usually that’s how I am.

Jen: I love the duality of it. I really do. Now going into the more fun questions. So who are your favorite BTS members? Top three!

Eleonor: FUUUUUUUCK! Why would you ask- can I say bad words? 

Jen: Yes, go ahead.

Eleonor: This is gonna be so hard, I literally have a BTS poster like back there. 

Jen: I know, yeah!

Eleonor: My number one is RM Nan-Joon, like he is my number one numero uno, I love him. And I always seem to always like the rap people in Kpop groups. So he’s my number one. My number two… ooo this is so hard. And it always changes but I’m gonna say Suga. Here’s my number two. Again, another rap person, of course. And my number three spot… it changes all the time, like I adore them all so so much. But… oh my god, this is so hard. I’m gonna say Jungkook. I’m gonna say Jungkook. Because my outfit today is inspired by him just- I literally bought these pants I’m wearing right now because of an interview he had, he had like some light jeans with a slit above the knee and I’m like, yo, those are fire so I literally bought jeans that are exactly like that. So I’m gonna say that’s my top three, but RM is always number one. The second like second, usually goes to Suga, but number three it’s always up for grabs to be honest. But right now it’s Jungkook.

Jen: Okay, follow up question. Fuck Marry Kill each of those.

Eleonor: NOOOOOO!

Jen: Yes!

Eleonor: Oh my Goooooood Okay, I’m marrying Nan-joon. I’m married RM just because… you know what? I- it’s gonna have to… *sigh*

Eleonor: Yoooo. WOO! I don’t see- I don’t want to kill any of them. I would- I would off myself if it meant to save them all.

Jen: You have to choose one!

Eleonor: Okay, I think I’ll just kill Jungkook just because I know he’s younger than me. Because I put him third! Because I can’t look at Suga and kill him. I can’t! I can’t do it! So I’ll have to kill- I can’t kill any of them, but if I had to and it came down to it. Gun in my hand. I’m gonna have to say bye to Jungkook.

Jen: RIP Jungkook. He lived a nice life. 

Eleonor: He did. 

Jen: Okay, and then my final question. If you had to pick Tyler the Creator or Justin Bieber, which one and why?

Eleonor: I feel like, I feel like an invasion of privacy right now cuz I’m like why are y’all putting on my-

Jen: I’m a good stalker. I know how to dig into people’s stuff. 

Eleonor: Why do I feel like you’re Nardwuar and I’m in the fucking show everything-


Eleonor: About my fucking life and I’m like uhhhh. This is gonna be way easier just because like Justin Bieber and I have not been on good terms. A long time just because-

Jen: Valid, valid.

Eleonor: Like honestly in any scenario, Tyler wins. Tyler wins in any scenario. He can be put up against like all of BTS and he’s gonna win. And that’s a big statement. But my love for this MAN. As you can see, I fucking have a graduation cap that I decorated of him. 

Jen: Oh my god.

Eleonor: Because I love that man so much like, so, any scenario, Tyler the Creator will win. Justin Bieber, sorry baby, but you disappoint me. That’s all.

Jen: Fun fact, I actually ran into Tyler the Creator like physically on the Santa Monica Pier. And he said sorry, and I was too pussy to say anything because I’m 5’2 and he’s like 6’9.

Eleonor: Oh my god. I’ve met him a couple of times. And I remember once, I met him and I had a whole conversation I’m just- he was like, how are you doing? I’m like, I’m doing great. How are you? He’s like, I’m doing great, later. And I was like, later! And I was just like, I remember I cried next to uh- I think I cried next to his store, too. I like sat in like, I did fetal position on the ground and I started crying. But I waited for him to like, bike away so he wouldn’t see me cry. And I was just like crying by myself about Tyler the Creator and I was like, cute, love this for me. I’m glad he didn’t see me like this.

Jen: Okay, glad we have such a shared love for Tyler the Creator. I think that’s all of my questions. So, yeah, thanks for tuning into a UCLA Radio interview with DJ Gas Brake Dip. If any of you want to tune in to any of the other DJs or shows go to and yeah. Bye!

SENIOR QUOTE: LA now, the next day, and forever

SHOW(S): Soundcheck Radio

MAJOR: Design Media Art

YEAR: Sophomore

SOCIALS: @soundcheckradio_ @elllaroze

SOUNDCHECK celebrates the magic of live music. In a time when concerts and live events have been ripped away from us, SOUNDCHECK is a space that honors the whistling crowds, the extra guitar riffs, the monologues between songs, and the fresh air you feel on your face as you walk out of the venue. Each show swims through different genres and sounds, from remembering live Jazz performances to hosting guest DJs. Listeners will enjoy a bit of history about the highlighted performances, but overwhelmingly the songs will speak for themselves. 

Jen: All right. You’re listening to a UCLA Radio exclusive interview with Ella aka DJ Doggie Dog. What is up?

Ella: Hi all it’s Ella, how’s it going?

Jen: It’s going well for me. I’m a little congested. So apologies for anyone listening to this. We’ll just dive into the questions, you want to like do a little preview of like what your show is and the time before we get started?

Ella: Yes, for sure. So I’m DJ Doggie Dog. My show is Soundcheck, it’s all about honoring all the magic of live music, in a time where during COVID and quarantine and lockdown, we haven’t been able to see live shows. I became really dependent on watching archives of old performances that I thought were really cool. I would just go into YouTube holes of searching any artist song or name that I really liked, and then live and just loved watching it live. So then I made a show about that.

Jen: Awesome. Okay, and then we’ll dive into the questions for you. So this one’s kind of immediately related. So what is the most absolute favorite concert you’ve ever been to? And why was that your favorite concert?

Ella: So, there’s a really cool thing that happens in my neighborhood where I grew up called Echo Park Rising. And it’s basically a weekend or I think. It’s like two nights like Friday and Saturday that happens annually. It hasn’t happened recently since COVID, but basically all the shops on Sunset Strip, between like Alvarado and Park or like maybe even further all the way up to Dodger Stadium become every shop, like the coffee shops, record stores, clothing shops, they, they just become venues that bands will just come in and you just walk and you just hear music. And then you walk inside. And it’s just completely free. It’s such it’s like- it’s like a block party, but on such a huge scale. And I remember seeing Current Joys, and a few other cool artists at The Echo. And that was just so much fun. And it was one of those moments where you just start seeing everyone there and it’s like, oh my god, I haven’t seen you in forever! That feeling was so fun. I really really miss it.

Jen: Yeah, that’s awesome. I think actually went to one of those a few years ago because I grew up in West LA so like, I’m pretty sure that I’ve been to The Echo a couple of times but pretty sure I’ve been to the event. 

Ella: Right on.

Jen: Next question is you’re a DESMA major and you’re pretty much- or you are into art. So I wanted to ask you what your favorite art piece ever created was or that you have created?

Ella: My favorite exhibition that I’ve seen, well recently was “Shattered Glass” at the Jeffrey Deitch Gallery. If you’re in LA, I think it closes like May 28. It’s so powerful. Definitely go check it out. Almost all of the artists are LA born and raised. And if not, it’s all just a lot of really young artists who are relevant right now. It’s just an amazing collection and the curation is so beautiful. That is really cool. And then also, I saw “Real Worlds” at the MOCA when I was like 16 or 17. And that changed my life, that was the most amazing photo exhibition I’ve ever seen. It’s called “Real Worlds” and it’s with Brassaï, Arbus, and Nan Goldin. And that rocked my world. That was just, my favorite photographers. So that was great.

Jen: Yeah, that’s awesome. And then I have one last question. This one’s a little bit deeper. To catch you off guard. What is an event that has shaped you the most as a person or just something that has happened to you? Or just anything in your life? You got to think hard about this one.

Ella: I see my life as made up of a million different moments and myself as a reflection of the hundreds of people I’ve met. I am just a reflection of all the nuanced things that have happened in my life that I can’t even describe to you, but I think off the top of my head like being like a sister. I have two younger sisters being a part of that trio is- absolutely been such a formative part of my life, as well as being born and raised in LA. I love where I’m from, I love my community, I love the people I’ve met and grown up with. But seriously, I’m just a product and a reflection of the millions of people I’ve met and talk to, and my surroundings and my city. So yeah, a million different things!

Jen: Love that love that! And then I’ll go deeper on you just because I’m feeling deep today. What does music mean to you?

Ella: Music to me means, just the soundtrack of life really. I feel like everyone who has a deep appreciation for music, which basically everyone does, like it means, in a way, you’re just a DJ, or you’re just the curator, for your own life. And so it’s just finding the right songs for the right moments. And that is /such/ a magical experience, having that moment, hearing a song and thinking back to something so special. That is what music is about. And that is what’s so cool. And yeah, I think everyone has a really great relationship with music. It’s changed so many of our lives, but I think just the moments. Like how music like it’s all intertwined, and coincides with- just the coolest.

Jen: Yeah, awesome whenever anyone tells me that they like don’t like music, I automatically do not trust them as a person. I’ve only met a couple. I’m like, uhhh okay, a little bit weird but go off. Anyway. I think that’s where I’ll end it off. If there’s anything that you want to plug any @’s, go ahead and do it now. 

Ella: Yeah, well just follow me at @soundcheckradio_ on Instagram and please just tune in, Mondays at eight, Mondays at eight, Mondays at eight! Soundcheck Radio,, and press play.Jen: Awesome. Alright guys, well, this was an exclusive interview for UCLA Radio. If you guys want to check out Ella or any of the other DJs please head over to And yeah, thanks, guys!

Joint: Bye!

SENIOR QUOTE: My favorite animal is a squirrel

SHOW(S): The Crushing Podcast

MAJOR: History

YEAR: Sophomore

SOCIALS: @thecrushingpodcast @maijafied

The Crushing Podcast, hosted by Maija (aka DJ Ditch Bitch), provides an ideal space to explore the psychology of crushes, the ocean as a reflection of our actions, or simply the intangible charm of sharing crowded spaces with strangers in New York’s subways. Tune in on Tuesdays at 7 pm to listen to Maija have candid conversations with guests about topics that are typically discussed behind closed doors.

Ines: Tell us a little bit about yourself so name, year, major, and when we can tune in to your show.

Maija: My name is Maija, aka DJ Ditch Bitch, I’m a second-year history major and The Crushing Podcast plays on UCLA Radio on Tuesdays at 7 pm!

Ines: What inspired you to create “The Crushing Podcast”? 

Maija: So I feel like it’s sort of two things. I’ve been thinking about this question a little bit. So the first thing is this idea of the crush and how it could have a double meaning because I was sort of torn between having a radio show about surfing and having a radio show about crushes. And then I was like, well, surfing is kind of my biggest crush in life really, like, I’ve done it for my entire life. It’s my favorite thing in the entire world. And crushing also works as a describing word for surfing like you’re crushing it or like, the waves are crashing or crushing. And the movie Blue Crush, which I’ve done some writing about, and then also the idea of the crush. So that’s kind of the double-meaning thing. And then the second part of it, it’s just like, crushes themselves. Like, I’ve always felt really embarrassed to talk about crushes. And since I’m the older sister in my family, and I feel like I’ve taken that role in a lot of other places in my life, I kind of wanted to open the door to like that big sister conversation and put it out in the open instead of having it be something that’s kind of on the down-low or happens behind closed doors.

Ines: How do you curate your show playlists? Do you have your guests submit songs or play more music you’re currently listening to?

Maija: Yeah, so I usually just have my guests submit, like, five songs that they feel like they can talk about, and then I listen to them beforehand and kind of develop my own take on their music. And actually, oftentimes, a lot of my guests’ music happens to be songs that I’m really into too. So yeah, we sort of just go from there.

Ines: You’ve interviewed and highlighted the narratives of some really rad people including your mentor from Sea Together Magazine and Molls from Withitgirl. How do you choose who to interview?

Maija: Well, I actually did an internship with Brianna at Sea Together this fall. And she has her own podcast actually. Just called like the Sea Together podcast that you can string on iTunes. And I actually, like, did some work editing that for her this fall. So, I thought it’d be cool to have her on my show. And she’s also just like, a super cool lady. And like, I guess I’ve been really curious about asking people that I know from different contexts in my life about their experience with crushes because I feel like that’s not really something that we would normally get to talk about.

SENIOR QUOTE: Kobe: When you throw a paper ball into the trash can, whose name do you call… / Nate: You can’t cross the ocean unless you’re willing to lose sight of the shore

SHOW(S): Office Hourz

MAJOR: Kobe: International Relations / Nate: Neuroscience

YEAR: Kobe: Junior / Nate: Senior

SOCIALS: @officehourz @nobryant @kiid_nate 

Kobe and Nate hold Office Hourz to spread knowledge. Through engrossing audiences into the minds of interviewees, the duo seeks to deliver a closer look at figures they find inspiring. Having interviewed former USAC President Naomi Riley, burgeoning musicians such as Jess Benko and TurnMeUpYC, and artists such as The Shoe Surgeon, Office Hourz creates a platform to amplify voices and further discourse within the UCLA community, the nation, and the world. Tune in this quarter for their ambitious second season, Thursdays at 2 pm!

Max: You’re listening to a UCLA radio exclusive interview with Office Hours! Welcome, Nate and Kobe, and thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions.

Both: Thanks for having us

Max: Alright, so firstly, Office Hours features a wide variety of people from artists such as Sean Kennedy and Jess Banco to former USAC president Naomi Riley to more recently, the shoe surgeon. How do you choose who to interview and Is there anyone in particular who we should look out for this season?

Kobe: So I would say that most of the time, the guests kind of choose us. So the process for choosing a guest to interview is we just look at, you know, people that are interesting either on social media or just artists who we’ve been listening to, and we cold email them and cold email their teams. So you know, out of 1000 emails, you might only get maybe five or six people, but that’s still five or six unique and distinct interviews. So that’s kind of the process of how we collect and get people and guests to interview. In terms of people coming up, we actually got Turnmeupyc coming up very soon, the “Back in Blood” producer, and he produced a lot of the tracks on Moneybagg Yo’s newest album, so be on the lookout for that very, very soon.

Max: Very excited for what’s to come. And one more question about this next season: how is the energy you’re bringing to season two different from the energy you brought to season one?

Nate: Um, you know, just like for season two, we always wanted, we just wanted to continue to outdo ourselves, you know, we figured that we can get people to interview. And that was kind of like the first hurdle we had to get through. And now it’s like, Alright, now it’s time to like, you know, ramp up our content and see, like, what can we really get artists, like, these people that we’re interviewing, to do. You know, we’re starting to, like, just mobilize or incorporate, like, just cooler like videos and like higher production, like quality interviews, you know, we’re starting to do like more like, behind the scenes looks at being so you know, we’re taking a deep dive into like, the heart and soul of what these people are doing. And so I think like, you know, season two is a lot more authentic and raw.

Max: Great, and I think this next question both of you could kind of chip in on. How would you define the mission statement of office hours? Also, what are your main goals you want to accomplish with your show?

Kobe: Yeah, I would define the mission statement as basically just to teach, to have people, to have Office Hourz be a place, if you’re just seeking knowledge about someone or just have a particular interest in learning more about people, it’s a place where you can find that information. And in terms of the main goal, it’s just to grow, to build, you know, a unique, authentic community that just grows with us and supports us on our journey.

Nate: Yeah, we kind of want it to just be like, you know, a reflection of interest. Like, everything we do at Office Hourz is interest motivated from like, our own personal interests and the interests of our listeners. And so we kind of just want to be a window into like, you know, all the interests that each of us has, because, you know, we’re all a bunch of young creative minds and like, you know, getting to interview that and like, see what other creative minds are doing is inspiring to all.

Max: Yeah, I think you can really feel that interest reflected in the people you interview, especially from people such as the shoe surgeon, and even UCLA creatives in our own community. Well, thanks, guys for taking the time to have an interview. Again, this is Office Hourz, catch them every Thursday for spring quarter live at 2pm on And I guess you guys can plug whatever Instagrams you want.

Kobe: @nobryant on Instagram, and @officehourz with a “z”

Nate: You can follow me too @kiid_nate

Max: Well, I appreciate you guys for taking the time! See you guys later.

Kobe: Thank you

SHOW(S): F if for Formula 1

MAJOR: Business Economics, Public Affairs

YEAR: Sophomore

SOCIALS: @dj.amberalert @amber.alicia

Amber, aka DJ Amber Alert, delves into the world of Formula 1 racing by breaking down each week’s race, highlighting the podium’s deserving drivers, and informing listeners of racing terms and rankings. Tune in to UCLA Radio on Sundays at 10 pm to hear Amber translate her love of Formula 1 racing (and Carlos Sainz) into an engaging live radio show! 


Ines: Tell us a little bit about yourself! (Name, year, major, when should we tune in to listen to your show?)

Amber: Amber Widjaja, second year, business economics, public affairs, Sundays at 10 pm pst!

Ines: What inspired you to create “F is for Formula 1”? Also quick premise of the show for anyone that doesn’t know?

Amber: F is for Formula 1 is my love letter to formula 1 racing. Every week I basically break down the weekend’s race and any updates in the world of formula 1

Ines: How did you get into racing? 

Amber: I got into it because my dad was super into it and I watched the Netflix series “formula 1: drive to survive” which gives a behind the scenes look at the sport

Ines: Who is your favorite race car driver and why?

Amber: My favorite driver is probably Carlos Sainz. He just moved from mclaren to ferrari this year and I want to see him do well with such a famous team. He also seems super personable off the track and I think we’d be friends

Ines: What’s the craziest/most memorable thing you’ve witnessed in racing? (or just a great racing story)

Amber: I think the craziest thing I got to watch (most races are at 5 am so I don’t watch them live) was Sergio Perez starting from last place at the beginning of the race and winning the whole thing. It was his maiden victory and after a season of terrible luck, he definitely deserved it. I’m also going to the Austin Grand Prix this year so that’ll probably be the most memorable thing after October!

Ines: I saw on your Instagram that you post about sustainability (love the lil low-impact living checklist), are there any efforts towards sustainability being made in the racing industry?

Amber: In racing, there’s actually a league called formula e, aka formula electricity, where all the cars are fully electric which I think is super dope. it started in 2014 and is part of racing’s move toward being more sustainable. looking at formula 1 specifically, honda, one of the engine manufacturers for formula 1, has stated that they will be leaving the sport entirely to continue their commitment to sustainability and all cars use 100% sustainable fuel made from biowaste!

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