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Author: Arami Chang

Weyes Blood @ The Theatre at Ace Hotel [12/09/22] Over the past few months, I’ve had to learn my fair share of brutal truths about adulthood. A lot of my adult life so far has been spent being devastated by the doldrums of tedious part-time jobs, failed job interviews, and the regular case of FOMO, […]

In the age of rainbow profile pics and Notes app apologies, it’s hard not to feel sobered by the banality of corporate activism and gay reparations. Alpha Omega Tampon, on the other hand, still manages to find the humor in all the decorum. Founded by some of UCLA’s own students back in 2021, Alpha Omega […]

When I was getting ready to move into my college dorm and leave my lifelong home, all I could think about was the past. All I could think about were the friends I’d probably never see again, my younger sisters that I wouldn’t see grow up, the past that would always remain history. These were […]