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Bachelor’s New Single “Sick of Spiraling”

Written by on May 6, 2021

Brand new indie rock duo Bachelor have come together to deliver the perfect bitter-sweet summer anthem. 

“Sick of Spiraling” is a warm and nostalgic representation of new band Bachelor’s unique sound. Opening with twangy guitar sounds and a mellow drumline in the background, duo Melina Duarte and Melissa Kempner introduce the melancholy dreaminess of their track. Formerly known as Jay Som and PALEHOUND respectively, the pair wrote together in an Airbnb in Topanga, California. Bachelor describes their writing process as full of laughter, queerness, and fluidity. “Sick of Spiraling” marks Bachelor’s third release from Doomin’ Sun, following their debut track “Anything at All” and “Stay in the Car.”

Twisting guitar lines drift in the background: a charming nod to country. Combined with clever lyricism, Bachelor is able to set the scene for a cross-country road trip. Opening lines “Walking alone at night/Clutching a cheap gas station knife/But the danger is in the car/Who couldn’t see me, it was too dark” establish a sense of anxiety that looms through the rest of the track, which juxtaposes the warm softness of James Krivchenia’s drums. Lyrics “You are a braving light in a world so dark/And I’m sick of spiraling out and I need your touch to stop/You are a braving light in a world so dark” establishes tension between the desire for intimacy and protection from a lover, with recognition of the downfalls of codependency. This tension drives the rest of the track, creating an almost pleasant sadness, reminiscent of reflecting on a past love or going on a solitary journey. 

The imagery induced by “Sick of Spiraling” provides a combination of vague nostalgia and yearning. By exploring the concept of codependency, one must consider both the role of oneself and others in their own life. This type of reflection can be painful but also lead to immense growth. By processing one’s intense feelings for another, deep personal values and notions of self may be discovered. This is perhaps why the song still feels light and warm, despite its anxious lyrics. 

Bachelor’s indie sound is cohesive and persuading, likely due to the intense chemistry between Kempner and Duarte. Their artistic relationship derived from mutual fandom, zoom calls and instant “I Love Yous”. The metaphor of a car driving fast on the open road may also be representative of the speed at which the pair became so personally and creatively connected. Their friendship and passion shine brightly throughout the track, which distinguishes “Sick of Spiraling” from the vast indie crowd. 

Bachelor will be a pair to continue to look out for in 2021, as their debut album Doomin’ Sun is set to release on May 28th. The release will be available on all streaming platforms, and if reflective of their current release, should be a real treat. 

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