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Rosie Tucker’s “Habanero” Music Video

Written by on May 11, 2021

Rosie Tucker

Rosie Tucker’s new single “Habanero” is an anthem of self-discovery, love, and what-ifs. It’s a theme that navigates the uncertainty of love and how loving someone can lead to your own self-growth.  

At a first listen, the song is gentle and easy on the ears. Rosie Tucker sings and plays along on their guitar in the music video, which creates a sweet and simple image to follow along with. The drums, bass guitar, and guitar provide a steady pulse throughout the entire piece and build up along with Tucker’s lyrics. As the piece and lyrics amp up in intensity, the instruments follow right behind. The instrumentals are soft, simple, and lend a hand in creating the perfect mood of excitement and uncertainty, the exact feelings of a new crush. However listening in on the lyrics, this piece becomes one of yearning, attraction, and an all-consuming infatuation. 

Clad in their trademark maroon suit, they sing along to Habanero in their music video. In the same way that a magnifying glass offers a clearer look, the imagery of the one in the music video – coupled with Tucker’s lyrics allows the listener to get a deeper and clearer view into how Tucker truly feels. This is a piece that truly tugs at the heartstrings, one that asks all the what-ifs: “Wouldn’t we be perfect if we wanted the same thing?”

In such longing lyrics, Rosie Tucker encapsulates the desire to change in order to be with someone that simply isn’t meant to be with you. They navigate the uncertainties that accompany a new crush, the feeling of meeting someone that you might want to be with. This song is a ballad dedicated to all the experiences that come with new love and the attraction, uncertainties, excitement that follow. However, most of the lyrics themselves appeal to how Rosie Tucker, on the giving end of the crush, feels and how this new “love interest” affects them. This song truly looks into how they feel and demonstrates that crushes are a reflection of self. The universality of having a crush is what makes this piece resonate so deeply with its listener. As spring comes around, this song will be perfect in a time of new love and new beginnings. 

This song preludes an exciting album, and Rosie Tucker’s next big release. Stay tuned for their new album, “Sucker Supreme”, set to release April 30th, 2021. The album surely will be one full of introspection, self-growth, and more anthems to crush on and crush to.

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