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by Alik Shehadeh, Niklas Leet, and Matthew Barcellos Money and Music – An Introspective Lens on the Music Industry “So, what type of music do you like?”  This universal get to know you question has emerged repeatedly in my time thus far at UCLA. An indication of someone’s cultural engagement, personal preferences, and social awareness, […]

Alison Wonderland @ Shrine Expo Hall [4/1/2022]

Shygirl @ The Regent [3/31/2022]

With Connections, Whitaker proves himself as a virtuoso in his field, drawing relations between himself and iconic jazz musicians, between conflict and resolution, but most of all, between his music and his audience.

CMAT @ The Peppermint Club [3/21/2022]

Genesis Owusu @ The Roxy [3/21/22]

Charlotte Day Wilson @ The Echo [3/17/22]

Haru Nemuri @ The Echo [3/11/22]

Claud @ The Troubadour [3/18/22]

Dorian Electra @ El Rey [3/2/2022]